White Noise

Solo exhibition by Hannah Haworth

February 11th - March 5th


Gitana Rosa Gallery is proud to present "WHITE NOISE", an exhibit by Hannah Haworth.  This will be Haworth's first solo show in NY and the United States.  We welcome you to experience the installation and sculptures based on nature, stories and craft.  Meet with the artist on opening night - Friday, February 11th from 7-10pm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hannah Haworth was born in Scotland, raised in Asia and currently she lives in NYC.  She has exhibited internationally and is pleased to welcome you to her first solo show in NYC.

'I feel that there is a huge difference between what is on land and what is in the sea and that each in its own way looks completely surreal in the other. When one considers a beached whale, it looks completely bizarre and out of place, like it is from a different world altogether and some extremely weird accident must have happened to place it in ours. Similarly, aquariums are kind of odd to happen upon. I once visited Valencia’s Oceanographic Center and observed the belugas for an afternoon; now whenever I visit Valencia, I have this odd feeling that there is a beluga whale a couple of blocks to the left. And when I swim in the sea, I feel I am sneaking a peek into somewhere that isn’t mine at all and I feel like I should tiptoe.'