The Print Show

Exhibition on view: November 21, 2009

Gitana Rosa Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of The Print Show, an exploration of the printed image.

Participating artists include: Heidi Taillefer, Marcellus Hall, Tom Bob, Yoko Furusho, Dmitry Borshch, John Plunkett, Katie Deedy, Anna Podris, Keith Norval, Brett Wintle, Holly Iversen, John Solis, Lisa Petker-Mintz, Aimee Wilder, Tom Billings and Suzy Q.

The process for reproducing image and text is nearly 2000 years old and has had equally as colored a history, as the number of colors we can now reproduce. Throughout its history, printing methods have changed radically from the original woodblock prints made in China, to the diverse array of offset and digital printing technologies we use currently worldwide. Printing is something we are exposed to every day.

The invention of a mass-produced means of sharing knowledge and information could not leave the political, sociological and religious structures unaffected.  From punishment by death, or a means of comparison and the passing of knowledge, we cannot deny how greatly our path has been altered from one single invention. Our brain seems to find more truth in what is physical than that which is only heard. This poses the question of perception vs. reality. Can it be true that perceived reality is actually stronger than reality itself? The printed word and image has become so intertwined in our daily lives that we don't even notice the effects. With computer technologies we now create realities instead of reproducing them. What then is reality? Printing, over the centuries, has been hailed as a means of spreading knowledge and empowering the people to a way to yield control and manipulate.

For this exhibition, an assortment of printed works will be showcased. Silkscreen, wood block, pigmented ink jet, giclee, linoleum, lithograph and eco hand-printed wallpapers will make up some of the print techniques used to create the unique works shown. Many of the participating artists have created works exclusively for this show and Gitana Rosa Gallery. Moreover, several of the artists have chosen to "retouch" each print individually. Thus making them less of a print and more of an original work.

The Print Show aims to bring to light the interesting and colored history of the printed medium and re-awaken our sensitivity to the daily barrage of manipulation from TV to the newspapers and magazines. This show represents a one of a kind opportunity to see work, which you will not see in any other gallery. Further, we would like to pose the question, "Where are the lines drawn between an original and a reproduction”? We ask the viewer to come and decide.