Tara Deporte

Tara Deporte is an accomplished environmentalist and artist who, from a young age, was devoted to and talented in both pursuits. She founded her school’s first environmental club and participated in every coloring contest she encountered. From these two endeavors, she learned the value of using action to bring ideas to life and has since then made efforts to bring all of her philosophies to life. As a teen she worked at an eco-adventure summer camp and was enchanted by the connections people could build with natural environments. She defied the expectations many had of her and, after graduating college, moved to NYC realizing that a true environmentalist would be able to connect with nature despite the challenges posed by industrial urban environments. Her New York residence was also conducive to her passion for art and hence, in 2010 Deporte merged her interests focusing some of her energy on education. By pursing this new field, she broadened the reach of her actions and hence, Tara’s work is successful aesthetically, socially and politically.