Piermont's Gitana Rosa Gallery Hosts Pop-Art Collaboration by a Shaman and a Comic Book Artist

The Gitana Rosa Gallery in Piermont, New York, will host an exhibition of healing pop-art and heroic happenings by shaman Iván Szendrő and comic book artist Miklós Felvidéki.

The show results from the unique creative alliance between Szendrő, an internationally recognized healer shaman, and Felvidéki, a young comic book artist based in Budapest .  Szendrő, who believes everyone has their own heroic legend and has made his life's work helping others discover and actualize their personal myth, teamed up with Felvidéki to portray the legend of  Alice-Gabri’El Stollman in modern style.

 The pop-art exhibit, "Alice in the Upperland," conveys Stollmans's legend by intertwining timeless mythology with popular art, conveying the myth in ascending iconic images that lift up the beholder’s heart and imagination.

 On Sunday Jun 4, 11 and 18 from 3-5pm, a series of heroic happenings, "Wonder Woman is Coming to Town," will be held where attendees can discover or share their experiences of their own hero and personal legend.