Sergey Dozhd

Sergey Dozhd is a prolific painter whose work uniquely combines multi-layered geometric designs, figurative elements and amorphous forms to create “Psy Art.” This term, coined by Dozhd, refers to his desire to access the flow of the inner mind using it to construct a visual language that relates to Malevich’s philosophy and the Supremacist movement. Hence, the artist uses abstract rendering to present a new reality, and so, in this context, ‘psy’ refers to the translation of inner processes to external products, for example the translation of our entire psychological processes to a new reality described only through art. Dozhd incorporates drawings of organic and biological forms with figurative elements such as human faces, wing-like formations, fantastic creatures and skeletal structures. Inclusion of such aspects is intended to articulate the aforementioned intuitive knowledge we all possess, and, for these reasons, Dozhd’s work successfully harnesses his own emotions and subconscious thus reaching those of his audience.