Ryan Pratt

In the late ‘90’s Ryan Pratt began using micron pens to draw in his sketchbook creating conceptual surreal images later used as preliminary outlines for his paintings. In the early 2000’s at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Pratt developed a strong multi-media skillset and by 2008 had completed his first series apart from his academic endeavors; paintings of “Ink and Oil” juxtaposed iconography rendered in varied mediums resulting in a reorientation of each icon’s association. In 2011, Pratt was introduced to Tony Delap, a renowned American hyper-minimal artist from whose studio he began to work. During this time, Pratt, whose paintings were often defined by use of geometric designs and creation of three-dimensional space, started to cut out the iconographic images he chose to use. He shifted his focus to images absent of predetermined meanings and thus generated unexplored spaces and experiences for his audience. As this evolution became more pronounced, Pratt’s drawings and paintings became premeditated mathematical designs that combined complex geometries to build new and unique designs. Each of the final products challenges artists’ methods of creation and audience’s process of understanding.