NicholÉ Velasquez

Nicholé Velásquez is a photographer and artist born and raised in New York. He works with analog film treating each as a color document that uses mirror plates to create colors and convey emotional memories. Though, to Velásquez, each analog film is a document limited by the specificity of time in which it was conceived, use of multiple exposure photography broadens the meaning of each piece. Instead of being forced to identify the subject with the time at which it was rendered, Velásquez manipulates his technique to create an experience independent of this; audience members experience colors as objects and hence, each subject’s meaning grows beyond its figurative sentiment. When fixed on walls, mirror plates echo off one another resulting in memories that consist of organic bodies (human, architectural, natural), colors and shapes as opposed to recorded facts. Velásquez has completed multiple residencies abroad and hence, continues to explore and evolve portrayal of color and emotional memory in his work. Velásquez currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.