INas al-soqi

Inas Al-Soqi is a Romanian and Palestinian artist whose work compiles the cultural diversity embedded in her unique background and international travels. Integrating commonplace, printed ephemera drawn from an array of historical and contemporary newspaper and magazine sources, Al-Soqi uses hand-cut collage to identify and challenge the dichotomy between folk and fine art. Many of her pieces make use of images depicting Eastern culture and colonized or war-torn areas fashioning narratives that revolve around past and present political conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. From these subjects emerge themes of emigration, identity, class, nobility and cultural sensibility.

Al-Soqi earned her BFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University. Recently, she was a resident artist at the Vincent Van Gogh House in the Netherlands, an experience ending in her exhibition at the same museum. Although she currently lives and works in New York City, Al-Soqi will begin a residency in Marrakech in May 2017. She has exhibited in galleries across the United States and Europe, and furthermore, boasts work in prestigious museums and private collections around the U.S., France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Romania.