Fedele Spadafora


Fedele Spadafora paints New York using blunt realism to capture the city in its infinitely many states. He intends to render moments typical to his conception of the city and in doing so incorporates the emotions, which arise from each of his subjects. Spadafora interprets quiet moments in an East Village diner, the chaotic interior of a Chinese takeout venue’s kitchen, a rainy day in midtown or a quiet sunrise seen from a rooftop in the Lower East Side evoking his desire to capture the essence of each location. He uses direct observation and/or photographic reference to effectively portray this aspect and hence, substantiates his identification with other representational painters. Furthermore, Spadafora utilizes artistic elements such as color to subtly diverge from strict realism and strengthen his association with memory and impression. The result is a body of work that implements cultural influences to respect traditions, which are subverted only through Spadafora’s imaginative tendencies.

Fedele Spadafora transitioned to painting in 1998 after leaving Prague’s publishing and illustrating industry. His art has been discussed in many national and international  journals, such as Fine Art Connoisseur, The Huffington Post, L.A. Weekly, L Magazine, The New Criterion and Two Coats of Paint. He boasts more than one successful solo exhibition and currently lives and works in New York.