Exhibition on view: October 7 - October 14, 2015

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Nikolina likes exploring how people behave out of their comfort zone. This latest series of paintings titled "Dress Code" immerses iconic figures from famous paintings into a modern life environment where people continue with their routine without paying any attention to "the elephant in the room". The artist uses the technique and visual language of the old masters that she borrows the main figure from. It turns out to be almost as difficult as learning a foreign language.
Kovalenko states, “My work captures the confrontation between realism and idealism making the modern consumer choke on their choices. Let others deal with your internal chaos. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."
Nikolina Kovalenko received her MFA from Moscow Surikov Art Institute and studied in Berlin at UDK.  She holds a Gold Medal from the Russian Art Academy. Nikolina currently lives and works in New York.
Recent reviews:  
"Presented as actors in a drama with cosmic significance, the figures that
people Kovalenko's paintings engage in various kinds of display, presenting a calculated face to the world around them. By their makeup, dress, and roles, the masqueraders create a persona that is echoed by the world around them. Kovalenko's "Masquerade" encourages viewers to consider how much of their own identity is performed, and whether the face we present to the world is what we would really want to show."
                                                                                                                                                                 Fine Art Connoisseur
Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Dacia Gallery in NY, Erarta Gallery NY, Museum of Russian Art, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art and Select Art Fair Miami 2013.