Daniel Maidman

Though he was born in Toronto, Daniel Maidman transitioned to a life and career in the United States attending weekly life-drawing workshops for almost two decades. From 2001-2003, Maidman drew an anatomical atlas based on human cadaver dissections at Santa Monica College. Illustrations from this atlas, made under the guidance of Dr. Margarita Dell, continue to be used by the United States Army to guide the identification of deceased personnel. Though this project indicates Maidman’s active participation in the sectors of science and math education, his move to New York in 2006 marked a shift in focus to painting. His work has been shown at multiple galleries including Lana Santorelli in New York, Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati and the Art Center of Clatsop Community College in Oregon. He has participated in two of The Great Nude’s art fairs and has, more than once, been a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s figurative painting competition. His paintings and writings on art have been printed in the American Art Collector and International Artist, and he has written and directed several short films. Maidman is currently intent on completing two novels and still lives and works in New York City.