Brett Wintle


Although Brett Wintle has always been a line work aficionado, it was not until late 2007 that he transitioned from small to gallery-size pieces. In Milan, Wintle admired the gallery show of comic illustrator and artist, Guido Crepax, and from the enormous images, was inspired to alter the scale of his work. Despite changes in the size of his pieces, Wintle maintained his distance from Pop Art, obsessing over each detail and developing an artistic voice that lent significance to small lines and minimal color. All of his figures embody moods, expressions and styles reminiscent of fashion photography and film, and so, often compared to those of William Klein, Mario Testino, Jean-Luc Godard and Pedro Almodóvar, Wintle’s paintings appear as frozen frames of debaucherous scenes or contrived shots of psychedelic beauty. The result is a compilation of tragic yet euphoric moments that capture the audience’s aesthetic and emotional capacities.