Gitana Rosa Gallery is proud to present an unusual and lively exhibition of ideas, plans and process from a wide range of artists and designers.

The majority of creative work follows a line from conception through to realizations, the final product being an amalgamation of all the events leading up to its birth. ‘Blueprints’ is a celebration of this line, with its diverse and often indescribable formulas that are experimented with and worked through to reach that moment of completion and satisfaction. With ‘Blueprints’ we hope to remind our audience of the intensely playful nature of creativity.

Curated by Hannah Haworth & Aaron Valentin

Participants: Tom Billings, Donna Dennis, Maria Estevez, Alyssa Ettinger, Amy Helfand, Jenny Hellman, Roberto Jamora, Michael Krynski, Vanessa Milan, Adrian ‘Viajero’ Roman, Ted Southern 

14th January-4th February 2011

Open Thursday & Friday 1-7, Saturday 12-6 and by appointment