Seize the last days of summer!

Join Us This Friday, September 13th As We Kick Of The Fall Art Season With Whitney Oldenburg's Solo Exhibition Inside Out   (extended through September 22nd). Don't pass on this exhibition while in Williamsburg this 2:nd Friday. Oldenburg's enchanting locomotive patterns might just make your night all the more special.

Artsnapper Fundraiser

Gitana Rosa is a proud supporter of Artsnapper. Through successful fundraising efforts, they're closing in on their goal of funding a pilot program slated for later this year. If you've never heard of them, they're definitely worth checking out. Get in early and request your invite here

Artsnapper is filling a major void in the art world. It's a platform similar to Tumblr and Pinterest that gives you access to art -everywhere- galleries, museums, murals, street name it. We now have the ability to share art with like-minded individuals to unify, inspire and connect. Brilliant. 



"Shield" salvaged wood, 43x43", 2012

"Shield" salvaged wood, 43x43", 2012

Stephan Fowlkes at Gitana Rosa

November 9th - December 2nd, 2012
pening Reception:  
Friday, November 16th, 6-9pm

Recent sculptures and wall works from salvaged wood.

*A portion of sales will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.


Gitana Rosa Gallery is proud to present "ENTROPIC GEOMETRIES", a solo exhibition by Stephan Fowlkes.  This will be Fowlkes' first solo show at Gitana Rosa.  We welcome you to experience the installation and sculptures created from salvaged wood reclaimed in Williamsburg. "My most recent sculptures directly address the development and gentrification of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  All the wood used comes from dumpsters at job sites and scrap piles in woodshops in my neighborhood, all destined for landfill.  Just as the new buildings rising out of the remains of the past in this neighborhood, these pieces are structures effectively reclaiming the past."

Due to the extent of damage and people affected by the hurricane, we will host the artist reception on Friday, November 16th from 6-9pm.  However, the artist will be present this Friday, November 9th from 6-9pm, as previously noted for our monthly WILLIAMSBURG EVERY SECOND FRIDAY Art After Hours event, where Williamsburg risk-taking galleries and alternative art spaces spring into action with galleries open until 9pm and beyond.  You can view a list of the galleries that will remain open here :

Born in 1970 in New York City, Stephan Fowlkes studied at Bennington College, Lacoste School of Art in France and later at Columbia University's Teachers College. Fowlkes' paintings and sculpture have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K. and Japan. His sculpture has been reviewed by Sculpture Magazine, NY Arts Magazine, and the Village Voice. Between 2002 and 2005, Fowlkes was invited to The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations’ Young Leaders Forum as the Fellow for the Arts and traveled twice to China as an American representative. He has been granted fellowship residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and at the Carving Studio Sculpture Center. He has taught art at the elementary through university levels in NYC, VT, Australia and France. He has been involved with Transvoyeur—a collective of New York and Liverpool-based artists, participating in the 2004 and 2006 Liverpool Biennial Independents. In 2006, he received the Curator’s Choice Award, as part of the Artists Talk On Art lecture series at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. In 2007, he was invited to the Board of Directors at Salem Art Works, an artist residency program and sculpture park in upstate New York. He is the Arts Editor for The New York Optimist. He lives and works in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn and maintains a studio in North Bennington, VT.

Gallery Hours:

Thursday and Friday 1-7pm
Saturday and Sunday 1-5pm
Monday-Wed by appointment only

For press inquiries contact Vanessa Liberati:

The Others

Gitana Rosa Gallery is pleased to announce it's September exhibition:


September 14 - October 14 2012

Opening Reception: September 14, 6-9pm

An opportunity to stock up on your art collection. This show will be a riot of variety and priced for the 99%. Splurge like the 1% and enjoy the luxury and immediate satisfaction of walking home with a unique or limited edition art piece.

All works will be under $500 and will be up in rotation, as sold, for one month.

Featured Artists

Andrés García-Peña, Andru Eron, Anna Ortiz, Anna Podris, Anthony Puopolo, Ashley Valmere, Ava Federov, Bruno Perillo, Charles Yoder, Christopher Carcich, Claire Stringer, Cody Healey-Conelly, Daniel Maidman, Dharman Abdullah, Elizabeth Wood, Fedele Spadafora, Heidii Taillefer,

Ian Carpenter, Inas Al-Soqi, Jenny Hellman, Joanna Mulder, Joe Kelly, Karen Evans, Keith Norval, Laina Karavani, Maria Kozak, Martine Birobent, Martyna Szczesna, Mary Stern-Grossman, Nathaniel Galka, Nicholas Velasquez,

Nicole Ganas, Peter Calvin, Rebecca Conroy, Rob Saywitz, Robert Brush, Sonomi Kobayashi, Tara DePorte, Tom Billings, Yoko Furusho, Yu Zhang and Zev Jonas

A portion of proceeds from sales will be donated to the Human Impacts Institute based in NY.

The Human Impacts Institute's mission is to foster sustainable human impacts on ecosystems through inspired engagement, leadership, collaboration, knowledge-building and creative expression. Check out our blog for discussions and special events throughout the month. Click on the logo below for more info:

Dog Days Group Exhibition opens Friday 7/13

July 13th–August 12th
Opening July 13th, 6–9pm

Dharman Abdullah
Tom Bob
Alta Buden
Stephan Fowlkes
Nathaniel Galka
Andrés García-Peña
Hannah Haworth
Andres LaTorre
Anna Ortiz
Charles Papillo
Anthony Puopolo
Aimee Wilder

As the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, the dog star, appears above us, these sultry days seem endless. One brilliant author put it: "These are strange and breathless days, the dog days, when people are led to do things they are sure to be sorry for after." Come celebrate the madness with us as we present a group show that is a constellation of small bright stars: new works by fresh faces you won’t be sorry you saw.

This show will be a part of Williamsburg Every 2nd Fridays and was just featured on NY1 News!

Alta Buden  Power Lions , 8.5" x11", cut paper

Alta Buden
Power Lions, 8.5" x11", cut paper

Nathaniel Galka   We are about to be on Cloud 9 , 30x30", oil on canvas

Nathaniel Galka
We are about to be on Cloud 9, 30x30", oil on canvas

Anna Ortiz  Untitled  , 8"x10" oil on panel

Anna Ortiz
Untitled , 8"x10" oil on panel

If you haven't stopped by to see our show "Volver", maybe art writer Azhar Chougle can convince you.

"Volver" is up until July 8th, so please stop in!

"This month, Williamsburg has many a show devoted to rusting metals and sinking vessels, an apt reflection of the current state of affairs in the neighborhood's galleries. From lackluster group shows to underwhelming solo experiments, I perfected the art of the brisk about-turn out the door. 

There was one exception, however. "VOLVER" at Gitana Rosa (extended to June 30th) wasn't a mishmash of disparate voices and didn't showcase artists selling clueless constructions. Four artists combine magnificent craftsmanship with potent, relevant cultural gravity. From Andrés García-Peña's comical yet profound Occupy Wall Street tribute to Heidi Taillefer's unsettling, provocative and loaded portrayals, the show is a focused and sharp collection of work in which the artists pay heed not only to the importance of fine technique, but imparting their own backgrounds and experiences onto larger social and political landscapes. 

All is not lost in Williamsburg, for there are two institutions that are definitely worth a visit. The Brooklyn Art Library is showcasing theSketchbook Project, an incredible collection of sketchbooks from artists all around the world, free for anyone to browse by theme, artist or region. 

And The City Reliquary is as odd as ever, a treasure-trove of New York history as seen through its geology, tokens and mechanically gyrating burlesque women."  -Azhar Chougle

New Prints for Sale

Check these out! New signed limited edition prints by Andrés García-Peña.

" Venganza y las Torres del Parque" Hahnemuhle Fine Art Archival Photo Rag Paper image size 20" x 26" - paper size 22" x 28" (signed and numbered limited edition of 75) - $300 smaller version 12" x 16" - paper size 14" x 18" (signed and numbered limited edition of 100) - $125

"Venganza y las Torres" oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 40 X 30 inches 2011 "Ole Taxi" Hahnemuhle Fine Art Archival Photo Rag Paper image size 18.5" x 20" - paper size 20.5" x 22" (signed and numbered limited edition of 75) - $250 smaller version 11.5" x 12" - paper size 13.5" x 14" (signed and numbered limited edition of 100) - $100

"Ole Taxi" oil, acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 24 X26 inches inches 2010

Opening Reception Last Night a Success

We opened the gallery doors last night for Andrés García-Peña's show, "Revenge of the Bulls." The event took place in conjunction with the Williamsburg Gallery Association's "Every Second Friday" gallery crawl, during which participating Williamsburg galleries collectively throw openings.

Andrés was on hand to meet and greet guests. His twelve paintings pop with bright, lush colors and depictions of bulls and bullfighters. One of our younger guests last night, a little boy checking out the show with his parents, asked: "Why are the bulls killing the bullfighters?" Which leads us to assume that while Williamsburg's younger denizens have access to an array of incredible and unusual experiences, bullfights are not among them!

Images of the show below. Thanks to all who came out last night and it made the event a great success!

Ted Southern

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting artist and designer Ted Southern at Eyebeam Atelier in Chelsea with regardsto our upcoming exhibit ‘Blueprints’. He is currentlyworking on developing space gloves for NASA.


development in glove fingers, in chronological order from top left

Ted is primarily a fine artist working around the human body, movement and science. Towards the end of his MA, he entered NASA’s astronaut glove challenge and came in second place, outperforming current Phase VI spacesuit technology. This landed him a partnership with spacesuit technician Nikolay Moiseev, an internship at Eyebeam Atelier with NASA funding.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Our meeting was so much fun! I put my hand in this cool wee machine that is like space inside.  You slip your hand into a space glove and then the machine is turned on, and you feel the pressure that one might experience in space. And it gets very bloody hard to move!

Astronauts have to go through serious muscle building, particularly around the hands and wrists before an expedition so that they can function properly once they are up. It is truly incredible the sheer amount of information you have to take into account while designing space apparel.

A big thank you to Ted for having me! Its going to be great to show his work in Blueprints.

Amy Helfand

Hey! Its Hannah here, I am currently co-curating "Blueprints " with Aaron Valentin. I want to share with you some of the exciting studio visits I've been doing for the show. First of all, I went to meet popular rug designer Amy Helfand in her Red Hook studio

Amy was so lovely to meet. We had a great day beach-combing together and discussing her studio practice.

Despite a solid background in fine art, Amy’s beautiful rugs are her main product. These are all hand knotted by artisans from the anti child labour project ‘Good Weave‘ in Tibet. Amy works using many different techniques in designing her rugs; digital collage, sculpture, photography and drawing are all part of her day to day design process. Much of her inspiration is drawn from nature and abstracting it’s forms and colours.

She has recently done some work inspired by prayer flags after a visit to Tibet

Isn’t her studio just stunning??! It’s located right on the Red Hook harbour, with a great view…

I am so, so excited to have Amy be a part of ‘Blueprints’, we open on the 14th (7-10) so come down and check it out for some really super work! I’ll post details soon : )