If you haven't stopped by to see our show "Volver", maybe art writer Azhar Chougle can convince you.

"Volver" is up until July 8th, so please stop in!

"This month, Williamsburg has many a show devoted to rusting metals and sinking vessels, an apt reflection of the current state of affairs in the neighborhood's galleries. From lackluster group shows to underwhelming solo experiments, I perfected the art of the brisk about-turn out the door. 

There was one exception, however. "VOLVER" at Gitana Rosa (extended to June 30th) wasn't a mishmash of disparate voices and didn't showcase artists selling clueless constructions. Four artists combine magnificent craftsmanship with potent, relevant cultural gravity. From Andrés García-Peña's comical yet profound Occupy Wall Street tribute to Heidi Taillefer's unsettling, provocative and loaded portrayals, the show is a focused and sharp collection of work in which the artists pay heed not only to the importance of fine technique, but imparting their own backgrounds and experiences onto larger social and political landscapes. 

All is not lost in Williamsburg, for there are two institutions that are definitely worth a visit. The Brooklyn Art Library is showcasing theSketchbook Project, an incredible collection of sketchbooks from artists all around the world, free for anyone to browse by theme, artist or region. 

And The City Reliquary is as odd as ever, a treasure-trove of New York history as seen through its geology, tokens and mechanically gyrating burlesque women."  -Azhar Chougle