Ted Southern

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting artist and designer Ted Southern at Eyebeam Atelier in Chelsea with regardsto our upcoming exhibit ‘Blueprints’. He is currentlyworking on developing space gloves for NASA.


development in glove fingers, in chronological order from top left

Ted is primarily a fine artist working around the human body, movement and science. Towards the end of his MA, he entered NASA’s astronaut glove challenge and came in second place, outperforming current Phase VI spacesuit technology. This landed him a partnership with spacesuit technician Nikolay Moiseev, an internship at Eyebeam Atelier with NASA funding.

Courtesy of Space.com

Courtesy of Space.com

Our meeting was so much fun! I put my hand in this cool wee machine that is like space inside.  You slip your hand into a space glove and then the machine is turned on, and you feel the pressure that one might experience in space. And it gets very bloody hard to move!

Astronauts have to go through serious muscle building, particularly around the hands and wrists before an expedition so that they can function properly once they are up. It is truly incredible the sheer amount of information you have to take into account while designing space apparel.

A big thank you to Ted for having me! Its going to be great to show his work in Blueprints.