Amy Helfand

Hey! Its Hannah here, I am currently co-curating "Blueprints " with Aaron Valentin. I want to share with you some of the exciting studio visits I've been doing for the show. First of all, I went to meet popular rug designer Amy Helfand in her Red Hook studio

Amy was so lovely to meet. We had a great day beach-combing together and discussing her studio practice.

Despite a solid background in fine art, Amy’s beautiful rugs are her main product. These are all hand knotted by artisans from the anti child labour project ‘Good Weave‘ in Tibet. Amy works using many different techniques in designing her rugs; digital collage, sculpture, photography and drawing are all part of her day to day design process. Much of her inspiration is drawn from nature and abstracting it’s forms and colours.

She has recently done some work inspired by prayer flags after a visit to Tibet

Isn’t her studio just stunning??! It’s located right on the Red Hook harbour, with a great view…

I am so, so excited to have Amy be a part of ‘Blueprints’, we open on the 14th (7-10) so come down and check it out for some really super work! I’ll post details soon : )