Tara DePorte Shows

Tara DePorte duo solo shows! Come check out her work at Gitana Rosa in Brooklyn until June 5th. Closing party on Friday June 4th from 7-10pm.

Or...If you are in Europe May 26th, the info for her solo show - Athiest Angels is below. Wow, Tara is so hot right now!

Atheist Angels, recent works by Tara DePorte

May 26th-June 16th, 2010
Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 26th from 5pm to 8pm

Where: Webster Art Gallery, Galgewater 1, Leiden. The Netherlands

More about Athiest Angels:

DePorte's series Athiest Angels, depicts the love and inspiration in a life, found by many in religion, but found--instead--in the friends and families closest to the artist. The series of drawings portrays serene faces of sisters, parents, friends and partner with angelic calm and golden halos, reminiscent of Baroque-style angels. The ghost-whiteness of the portraits juxtaposed against the bold background colors suggest impermanence and fragility that lies between human relationships.