Our Story

Founded in 2006, by Vanessa Liberati-

Gitana Rosa represents fine contemporary art by emerging and established artists encouraging social, political and environmental messages through creative work.

Gitana Rosa was the first green gallery in Brooklyn to adopt ecological practices into its business model and donate a portion of select exhibition proceeds to environmental non-profits.

In 2014, Gitana Rosa opened a second location in Chelsea; this space served as the main gallery for a year facilitating the Williamsburg location's transformation into a project space directed by Lauren Wolchik. After ten years in Brooklyn, Gitana Rosa moved to Piermont, NY, where it currently exists on the banks of the Hudson.

The gallery's new location combines exhibition space with a curated retail experience showcasing exclusive artist designed editions, multiples, collections and individual works in addition to custom-designed, eco products by artists. The venue incorporates sustainability into it's business model and gives back to the community providing a space to stimulate dialogue, promote sustainable methods of living and inspire positive ideas.